Society does't want prevention?

Overcome drug abuse in our neighborhood? Just keep in mind: It's not a government's concern only. It's all human being's concern.

Stop Drug Abuse In Society Effectively And Efficiently?

There is nothing that we can do to stop drug abuse in society if we don’t have a sense of such society. There’s no alternative way, effectively and efficiently when it’s all done in seminars and discourses. You can only be a good listener, a thinker and if you don’t take action, you just waste your time, reflecting.

So better forget it, let’s fly a kite and let children romp around at the neighborhood. Let’s have a sleep and feel a better environment out there on the beach. If you’re lucky you can meet some mermaids and they will never ever speak on this sensitive matter as freely as they can. According to them the alternative way, effectively efficiently to swim is to follow them to the kingdom of the sea. Okay, we try to relax for a while.

There’s no way of how to stop them from taking you far way deep down in the ocean and surely forget about drug abuse in society. According to their king, living out of land will be perfect in order to be sober and to ease people’s mind. He’s not talking about if you want to live peacefully you need to convert to Islam, Christian, Catholics or Buddhism. But he doesn’t recommend you either to be atheist. The king has a fast alternative way and it is effective and efficient to forget all worldly matters on earth and instead start thinking about becoming sea creatures.

Distract yourself from all fondness of ruing yourself. Self-destroying effort cannot be prevented just by a series of campaigns, you need to discuss with the king of the ocean on this matter. He may not say, to stop drug abuse in society you may learn more about Islam instead of other religion. According to the sea creatures the king never ever cares about if the mermaids convert to Islam and start wearing veil or headscarf. That’s not funny at all, silly and childish. So what is a fast alternative way to be sober? What is an effective and efficient effort must be carried out on this matter?

How to stop drug abuse in society, that’s the topic here. And there’s nothing to discuss here about according to Islam if you fast from dawn to dusk that’s one of the alternative ways to get rid of your dependency of these dangerous additives. But the words such as effectively efficiently come from intensive effort including the one coming from religious teaching.

So if you don’t really want to get deep to the “ocean” to get distracted and you wish to stay perfectly sober you need to start from now on to torture yourself with such questions;

How to stop drug abuse in society if the society never cares about hard punishment to the wrongdoers

Is it right, according to Islam or other religion you believe, a fast alternative way to be a “better guy” you need to study intensively about the teaching of your religion and that’s the only one of very effective efficient way to stay sober? Well, you don't have to ask king of the ocean on this.